Discover with The Betting Coach all the latest updates from the world of sports and betting: Football, Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball and many other games and tournaments to follow with us and on which to bet with moderation!


Our start-up is presented and launched online in January 2017, after about a year of tests and evaluations with important commercial and publishing groups, today our partners. Important and useful media channels in order to guarantee an impressive and well-structured distribution network.

The Betting Coach (freely available via PC, tablet and mobile devices), is the website dedicated to sports information and the gambling sector. We offer free of charge to all our users:

  • SPORT NEWS, written by our group of 15 international freelancers or provided by our partner blogs in agreements with us.
  • LIVE AND FINAL RESULTS, in partnership with (, there is also a functional section for betting agencies with auto-scroll results.
  • NEWS AND UPDATES FROM THE GAMES SECTOR, international events and interviews, press offices written by our journalists or extrapolated from our partner’s sector newspapers. Our articles contribute to the audience of other sites including Agimeg, LaFreccia, PressGiochi, Ansa, Gazzetta, PassionBet, Annuariomediasport, SBCNews, SIGMAnews, Game & Media News and many others.
  • PRINTABLE AND CUSTOMIZABLE PDF of rankingsprobable players and other useful data for the agencies, in order to guarantee their customers an always updated paper support.
  • NEWS ESPORT,we transmit announcements of national and international events dedicated to the world of video games. We take care of drafting informative articles and news with our eSports Activity (
  • STATISTICS AND PRONOUNTS of the main soccer leagues, with spread of betting ideas and board simulations.
  • SOCIAL NETWORK AND MARKETING, we promote our work and partners, through all our social platforms (FACEBOOK – TWITTER – LINKEDIN – INSTAGRAM) and our video and streaming channels (YOUTUBE – TWITCH)
  • NEWSLETTER, service reserved for members! Through this totally free service, we inform users of all the latest updates and news on our site. We carry out surveys, share videos and photos and organize prize contests to interact directly with each individual member.

We collaborate with local and online newspapers and independent blogs, taking care of information sections for them

We take care of the start-ups for the betting providers and promote the brands in the territory based on the agreed partnerships.

We take care of creating new corporate blogs and offer support in daily management

We sell advertising banners and sponsored articles online, but not only, we are operating offline by organizing advertising events or by participating in meetings and fairs as speakers.

Our events, a destination for enthusiasts and the curious, represent a form of functional marketing capable of reaching many customers throughout the territory.

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