Terence Ting

A passionate gamer at heart since young, Terence Ting has worked in esports for the past decade since 2006 – mainly in various roles at professional esportteams abroad and local.

In 2017, Terence would eventually go on to start his own esports team in Team Flash and become one of the earliest team owners in the SEA region, establishing professional gaming teams in both Vietnam and Singapore. In the last two years, Team Flash has become one of Asia’s most recognizable esports teams – having won Vietnam’s first world championship for esports at the Arena of Valor World Cup in July 2019.

With Terence as CEO, Team Flash has built successful teams in top esporttitles like Arena of Valor, League of Legends and FIFA – signing more than 30 esports players across Southeast Asia in the last two years. Team Flash has won more than USD$400,000 in the last 12 months, an unprecedented prize money record for an esports team from this region.

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