Justin Widjaja

Justin Widjaja came from a marketing & management background. Lived in Shanghai for 1 year and was exposed to the mobile esports scene in China.

Justin is also a gamer by heart, he has been gaming since early teen, went semi-pro on CS:GO & Dota2 for a while before deciding on to a ’normal’ office job.

Worked in 2 IT startups and a Tech Importer company for the past 3 years, he decided to jump into the Esports Wagon.

Started ONIC Esports with one of the founders on May 2018 and have achieved grandiose titles in South East Asian scene.

ONIC was founded in a true belief that Esports is the future of entertainment. With no benchmark in sight, Justin experienced first hand all the operations work in an esports organization starting from being a team manager, content & art director, finance & legal up to being a scout for talents.

Having achieved such benevolent achievements with the team in such a short period of time, ONIC succeeded to raise funds from multiple well-known VCs in South East Asia.

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