Hai Ng

Hai is co-founder of Spawn Point, a strategic advisory firm that operates at the intersection of gaming and esports. He routinely speaks publicly about esports to the gaming industry and collaborates with the Nevada Esports Alliance, UNLV’s International Gaming Institute, and Esports Integrity Coalition on emerging esports issues. With more than three decades of experience in technology, and more than a decade in gaming, his acumen fuels solutions that thrive at the intersection between industries. He is a regular contributor to iGaming Business, and section editor of iGaming Business North America’s Fantasy and eSports Section. He is also an owner of Chaos Theory, Singapore’s first professional esports team.

An expert technologist, Hai is also co-founding partner at Neomancer, a technology strategy and management group. He is credited with designing and orchestrating the first AR demo on the floor of the NYSE and the first AR tool deployed on the floor of NYMEX. Over the last several years, he has been a technology ambassador for Open-Source VR, showcasing the opportunities that VR can bring to the motion picture and iGaming industries.

Under his leadership at Neomancer, the company forged a development relationship with Continent 8 Technologies that led to Hai’s appointment as CIO. During his tenure, Hai and his team helped the company expand into Asia.

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