Interview with Dov Allin, the CEO at MarketingCrossMediaAsia on South East Asia Affiliate Focus

Dov Allin, the CEO at MarketingCrossMediaAsia, will be a panellist at the Asia Gaming Summit Taiwan, taking place 6-8 of November at the W Taipei. Giulia Timarco, the Senior Conference Producer of Asia Gaming Summit had an interview with Anthony on the South East Asia Affiliate Focus.

Giulia: Tell us a little bit more about your experience working with iGaming companies in Asia

Dov: We’ve been working for almost 3 years now in the Asian market. Well, I will say that the market is expanding but at the same time meeting the right people with key positions in this industry can be a feat.

Asian operators still have a lot to improve on in terms of how they work with affiliates and how they convert the traffic of the affiliates. Based on my personal experience, there is a gap of knowledge from the affiliate manager side. I’m not generalizing as some are still well-trained and have a complete understanding of the affiliate platform, SEO, marketing, media buying, affiliate deals and the global overview of our industry. It will take time to learn all these facets but we are on the right path.

Conversion rates between Sign-up and FTD and payment solutions are two modules that I will look forward to improve on, from an operator perspective.

Giulia: What you believe are the major differences with “the western affiliate model”

Dov: Based on an IT perspective and the quality of affiliate platform of the Asian operators, Asia is missing out! Most of them use homemade solutions and create their own platform. I understand that they are proud of this but unfortunately, the quality needs to be further improved. It doesn’t support the needs of the affiliates and if we’re talking in terms of credibility with data, it is far from what affiliates should expect.
Once Asian operators can provide third-party platform for affiliates that offers data security and more powerful management both for operators and affiliates, then we can say they are at par with the western affiliate model.

Another part where affiliates see a big room for improvement is on the number of payment options available. Today, in this digital world, it’s expected that any well-structured company should be capable to pay affiliates in many different ways all around the world.

As for deals, it’s normally done through Flat fee and Rev-Share. CPA or Cost-Per-Acquistion is the next step as media buying traffic and PPC is becoming more known from affiliate side.

The biggest difference and challenge for the Asian market right now is that it’s difficult to find affiliates and to even meet the operator directly! They are afraid to be recognized in the Asian market.

Giulia: Possible future trends in affiliate marketing in the region?

Dov: Social media or group chat via different apps are very trendy these days but I think gaming videos that educate players and casual betting/casino apps to will be a possible future trend for affiliate marketing.

Another trend I see now are people playing in land casinos but are connected via a camera and microphone to a virtual player somewhere abroad. This virtual player controls the one playing in the land casino while the player is totally remote somewhere else. A friend told me that nowadays, you even have more “virtual” guys playing at the table than actual players.

I still believe that Asian affiliates will continue to grow for the next year and the marketing change will come from the operator.

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