In Taiwan, there is talk about India and its huge market potential and in the panel with Jaydeep Chakravartty, the VP – Commercials of Nektan Plc will be sharing his thoughts.

AGS2019, the event staged from 5 to 7 November 2019 at the W Taipei Hotel in Taiwan, opens its doors to iGaming companies and delegates from all over the world, proving to be an unmissable event.
The first day of the event, which has just begun, is already a sold-out success!
An incredible series of exhibitions and informative focus, useful for understanding all the latest news and laws in the sector in Asia.
It goes on stage “The sleeping giant – India outlook and the year ahead”, the panel organized by Beacon Events to analyze data and future prospects for the gaming market in India. Opportunities and new operational strategies to increase the income of global operators willing to invest in those territories.
On the occasion of the debate, we met Jaydeep Chakravartty, speaker and VP – Commercials of Nektan Plc.

The sleeping giant - About India and its huge market potential

1 – Expert in commercial development and product marketing related to online games, e-commerce, social media, Internet and mobile applications. Who is Jaydeep Chakravartty and what was his journey to date?

I have been part of the Gaming Industry from 2003 onwards, when I had joined Ladbrokes as a part time employee while pursuing my MBA from Leicester Business School, De Montfort University. Past 16 years have been an incredible journey working with some of the top gaming companies in the world, knowing about different markets and learning from some of the best experts in the industry. I returned to India in 2010 to work for Cozy Games, which is now part of GVC group.

On my return to India, I developed professional relationships with the key stakeholders of Gaming Industry in India. Though my work has never been India focussed, I have been at the forefront of building a sustainable, regulated gaming industry in India. I have advised various state governments on how to address the issues of illegal sports betting, regulate gaming and on many more topics related to Gaming Industry.

2 – Vice President and Commercial of the product development company for iGaming industries with particular attention to the emerging markets of Asia and Africa. What is Nektan and what company balance sheets can you trace in this year of your experience?

Nektan is a mobile first – fast growing gaming technology company and we have been able to establish ourselves as a serious alternative to traditional gaming software companies which are mostly on legacy-software. In a very short span of time, we managed to make serious inroads into African and Asian Markets. We are expanding our footprint in these markets very rapidly. Nektan’s key strength lies in its agility. We are small and agile and can adapt to different scenarios very fast. This one criterion alone has helped us to build and deploy localized version of our technology in different markets at a very fast pace.

3 – The gaming market in India with many points yet to be defined and laws to be articulated. What opportunities does the territory offer and what is expected for the future?

India is probably one of the biggest gaming markets in the world which is not regulated. The illegal betting market in India is worth $150 billion a year. That includes $200 million bet on every one-day international played by the Indian cricket team, according to the Doha-based International Centre for Sports Security. If you add legalized lottery, regulated land-based Casinos, illegal online casino, illegal online lottery etc. the market size will be much bigger.

Being one of the biggest English-speaking nation, India offers unique advantage to existing gaming companies who can launch their product in India with very small customization.

In a short to medium term, there are .com operators who have been able to establish their brands in India. However, in the long run I believe India will follow USA model where individual states will open and will offer a robust framework towards regulating gaming industry in India.

4- Asia Gaming Summit represents a great opportunity for companies and delegates to meet and discover new business opportunities. What are the reasons for the success of this event?

AGS is one of the premier gaming events in Asia which allows companies to showcase products and services, improve the knowledge about different markets and great networking opportunity. Over the years, AGS has become to the go to event in Asia. I believe with the right mix of Gaming Technology Suppliers and Operators, this year’s AGS event will become a bigger success than previous ones.

Exclusive interview by The Betting Coach

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